Norris & Miles is fully committed to dealing with the disputes that arise out of the breakdown of a relationship, including those that relate to children, as amicably and constructively as possible.  We appreciate that divorce and relationship breakdown is rarely easy.  We therefore strive to find a settlement that will work for you and your family in a way that will keep costs (both emotional and financial) to a minimum.
  • Divorce – We have the expertise to deal both with high net worth cases and those at the lower end of the income spectrum. Our specialist team are able to deal with all types of financial claims including those which relate to business interests, farms, offshore assets and trusts.
  • Civil Partnership – The procedure for dissolving a civil partnership is similar to that of dissolving a divorce and our family department is experienced in dealing with these matters in an amicable manner and dealing with the related financial and children applications.
  • Separation – Some couples prefer to delay the process of dissolving their former relationship by divorce or dissolution of civil partnership and to negotiate the terms of their separation which is then enshrined in a Deed.  We are specialists at preparing these Deeds for both those undergoing a divorce and those in a civil partnership.
  • Living Together – Even when you are not married or in a civil partnership, separating from a committed relationship can lead to many difficult issues arising.  At Norris & Miles we are experienced in dealing with these issues both with a view to either entering into separation agreements or issuing proceedings under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.
  • Children Matters – We can give expert advice on contact (access) arrangements and residence (custody).  Although we always endeavour to reach agreement regarding parenting issues, should it be necessary we are able to bring applications for all forms of Orders relating to children including Specific Issue Orders (ie those relating to their education, housing etc), Prohibited Steps Orders, and seek and find Orders to trace children.
  • Pre-Nuptial/Civil Partnership Agreements – If you are about to get married,  enter into a civil partnership or start co-habiting such an agreement can protect you both from whatever the future holds.  We have experience in drafting all forms of these agreements.
  • Child Support – The Courts no longer have the jurisdiction to make Orders for the maintenance of children unless there is an agreement between the parties.  We can assist and advise upon obtaining such Consent Orders or failing that, upon how to work effectively with the CSA (Child Support Agency ) which is the agency that now has the sole jurisdiction for dealing with child maintenance when both parents are living in this country and there is an issue as to child maintenance between them.
  • Inheritance Act Applications – If your loved one has died without leaving proper provision for you and/or your children it is possible for you to bring a claim under the Inheritance Act in certain circumstances providing that claim is brought within six months of the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration.  Our experienced team will be able to advise you in relation to this difficult and complex area of the law.